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The founder Charles GARDETTE

Charles was born on March 30, 1989 in Lyon France.

He has been passionate from a very young age by the majestic lines of the classic Italian runabouts of the 50s and 60s such as the “Rio”, “Mahagoni”, “Piantoni”, “Pedrazzini”, “San Marco” or the mythical “Riva”. “.

As a child, he went every saturday morning to “Jet Modélisme” in Lyon to find radio-controlled electric boats, specific parts, engines, batteries, surface propellers and spent all his savings.

He was cleverly modifying and perfecting them to make them faster.

It was in august 2000 at the age of 11 during a family vacation on the Cap-Ferret peninsula that one morning, after refueling with his father at the port of the vine, he saw a Riva Tritone, which they passed at 3 knots and whose majestic lines jumped out at him.

Time has stopped for Charles.

He immediately had goosebumps, his hairs on end from the physical presence and the mechanical aura of this myth and was stung forever by a real thunderbolt.

Charles asked his father every evening when he returned to port to pass very close to the “Riva” to admire it, while swearing to himself that one day he would have one all to himself.

This idea will never leave him again…

Leaving him there with the fertile imagination of a blood-bitten young toddler whose heart was racing only for his childhood dream.

Since then, he has developed the manufacture of his own model, inspired by the lines of these emblematic Italian Mahogany Runabouts, but designed with the latest high performance composite materials and the latest technological innovations of today.

He worked tirelessly to model his first wood prototype and has since developed this new, advanced French-made model.

After years of work of passion and reflection, Charles GARDETTE created this unique model in the world named “Corrado” which comes from German and means “Courageous, Audacious”.

Unlike classic Italian runabouts which were mainly made of varnished mahogany in 12 or 24 layers, this model has an eco-designed carbon fiber structure.

This boat has been made according to the rules of the art to take all the advantages, without having the disadvantages and the related maintenance costs.

The entire hydrodynamics of the hull has been specially developed to allow incomparable stability at high speeds as well as use on all types of water bodies.

The hull is also designed to eliminate the roll of the boat and allow it to be stabilized when stationary, avoiding seasickness for the occupants.

Limited series 1 of  1 customized and high quality cases, in ultra-powerful 100 % electric versions, ideal for the lake and offshore aquatic environment.

Three other larger units have been extrapolated from the “Corrado” model and are aimed at an international offshore market.

Top-of-the-range models that meet the requirements of an international elite clientele

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