Runabout Acqua scuderia Moteur electrique 3.4Av Gris jupe fermee

Our technical choices for the design of our carbon fiber hulls

Using the best high performance carbon fiber has proven to be obvious for us in this eco-responsible approach to build a light & fast electric boat.

Making carbon hulls makes it possible to obtain light, responsive and robust boats, with incomparable mechanical resistance.

The use of this type of material has the advantage of drastically reducing weight and therefore increases autonomy.

Knowing how to adapt our achievements to the permanent challenge of respecting the environment is an important issue for GARDETTE ACQUA SCUDERIA.

To be able to manufacture the best generation of carbon composites boats, our approach was first to test products available on the market, then to meet major players in the sector to support us.

Our desire is to minimize the use of chemicals for the manufacture of our yachts.

This electric eco-designed neo-classical boat offers all the technological advantages of today, without the disadvantages of wooden constructions and perfectly meets these specifications that have become inevitable.

Our hulls are completely sustainable, recyclable, renewable.

This innovative design is a new model created and imagined by Charles GARDETTE.